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Thanks for visiting this site. As you can see it is a work in progress, and I hope you see daily improvements both in appearance and content. I have committed the next three months to researching the impact that technological change is having, and will continue to have, on the development/ design/ construction industries, because it is Jim McGibney an industry I have worked in and enjoyed for over 40 years. I saw first-hand the impact of 18- 22 percent inflation in the mid 70’s. We made many changes simply because we had no choice. If we delayed a project as little as one year, it became infeasible.

I also saw the impact of three significant recessions had on our industry—but I was always able to work and contribute through each. It wasn’t always easy, but there was always a way.

Today, as we watch each new technology breakthrough introduce change in the development industry, we are seeing jobs disappear or diminish, which we would expect. The increased productivity is a boon to the owners and users of the facilities we build and the productivity is good for our countries as it keeps us all competitive. The negative impact is that this time, those jobs are not being replaced. The Millennial work force is adapting to the change in technology in new ways. They are starting multiple businesses; they are continuing to stay current with the tech changes; and are making our economy work for them and their families.

The baby-boomers are retiring and downsizing in ways that leave them in a position to weather, mostly, the job loss and the changes.

The generations between, who are in their early 30’s and late 50’s, are the ones most impacted—and they will have to re-train, and re-focus in ways they hadn’t expected or have been trained for. This site is for each of you as much as anyone.

Lastly—Technological changes are pervasive. You see them daily in medical care, motor vehicle production and operation, agriculture, teaching at all levels, etc. It is as pervasive and fast as I have seen in my professional life. I plan to adapt and contribute for many more years, so this research period is very personal as well.

Thanks again for taking the time to read these posts. I will work hard to keep them relevant, pertinent, short (where possible) and factual. Most of all, I hope you find them useful in your professional life.


  • Reply Matt Mahoney October 17, 2014 at 5:30 pm

    The summary of your blog and purpose of site is right on – I understand your message and the importance of where our industry is headed – thanks for the great insight!

  • Reply Christopher Nims December 18, 2014 at 8:22 pm

    Jim – After reading your blog, I had a couple of thought about your new initiative. Check out Inwork.org, Its a new initiative here at UCD organized by Prof John Bennett. Its essentially multidiscipline skunkworks between the Auraria and Anscuhtz Campuses. Its located on the street level of our building. Pretty exciting stuff. There are going to be some open houses in January. Additionally, check out the Buechner Institute in the UCD School of Public Affairs. Its a program of monthly breakfasts around salient subjects that you might find interesting. And its free!!. “We are faced with insurmountable opportunity!” Pogo.
    Best, Chris

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